Based on clients' requirements,
make best plans and suggestions.

The highest quality process management.
The best after-sales service.

The highest quality process management.
The best after-sales service.

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WINWIN Company has a senior engineering team with 20 years of experience, familiar with the characteristics of various industry customers and industrial applications, using sufficient resources to integrate and combine professional technology knowledge, integrating planning, design and implementation in a comprehensive Mechatronics Engineering , and provides customers with whole package of design planning, procurement and outsourcing, implementation management, trial acceptance, follow-up maintenance and other whole plant turnkey projects (Turnkey).


Engineering 規劃、設計

WINWIN company has abundant manpowers with professional experience to provide integrated planning, design and implementation of mechatronics projects and to ensure the quality of the process.


Procurement 採購

According to the customer's conditions and demands, we will provide the most suitable options and plans, and consider the most efficient and extremely high CP value equipment product recommendations.


Construction 建造、管理

The standard and professional operating method is implemented to improve the quality of the process, and thorough process management maximize competitive advantage. At the same time, these our offerts also ensure the major benefit of customers.

Professional Business Items

Power System Engineering

Air conditioning system engineering

Fire System

Communication System Engineering

Industrial automation Monitoring system (FMCS)

Electromechanical package equipment PLC control panel

Electric integrated automatic control panel (system design)

Process automation, equipment

About US

WINWIN Company is a well-known domestic engineering company with offices in North, Central and South, mainly engaged in factory & building professional engineering projects. We have a complete personnel system and sound financial system, and also attaches great importance to employee education and training, welfare and future development. Our turnover has been steadily growing year by year, and approach to high-quality and multi-functional corporate services. We welcome enthusiast for the process to join us, and to stretch and enrich your perfect journey.


Welfare system

1. Year-end bonus.

2. Three courtesy.

3. Labor insurance, health insurance, and allotment of retirement in accordance with the law to protect the rights and interests of employees.

4. Employee group insurance.

5. Domestic and foreign tourism.

6. Staff gathering for dinner.

7. Travel allowance and accommodation allowance.

8. New training and training, on-the-job education and training and complete career planning.


Create a company with customer satisfaction, company success, and employee happiness.

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Why choose WINWIN?


The most reliable system and architecture


Economic rationality


High-quality engineering management


Instant and professional service

Engineering performance industry

Semiconductor electronics factory
Light power plant
Biotechnology Factory
Petrochemical Plant Project
Power Plant and Energy Industry
Desalination plant recycling water plant
Sewage treatment plant
Military engineering
Public Sector Project
Smart building electrical and mechanical engineering
Track engineering